Carolyn’s Affair

I used to watch a show called Across America on Fox Sports Network. The host of the show was Carolyn Hughes, who also did the LA Dodgers pregame show called Dodgers Dugout for FSN West. Hughes was a great host and I even emailed me twice. Then she did something that a female sportscaster should never do: have an affair with an athlete.

Derek Lowe, who was signed as a free agent from the Boston Red Sox, was married at the time as was Hughes. Lowe’s wife, Trinka, told FSN West about the affair and they had no choice, but to take Hughes off the Dodgers coverage. Dodgers Co-owner Jamie McCourt had Hughes banned from the press box and clubhouse. There were other reports that she had relations with Karl Malone who was playing for the Lakers (Malone left her a message talking about his replacement). She apparently had a reputation of being flirtatious with the players in the clubhouse.

Hughes is no longer working as a broadcaster, and married Lowe about a year ago. Across America was discontinued a few months after the affair was revealed. Lowe is currently with the Atlanta Braves, and it bothers me that a woman would risk her career and her marriage for an affair with a married man. Her affair with the Lowe played up to the old stereotype that female reporters are in the locker room to pick up men instead of cover the game. Her behavior was an obvious conflict of interest and violated what reporters such as Lesley Visser have worked so many years for: the chance to taken seriously.  Hughes could be hosting her own show today; instead she’s just a home wrecker.

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