During the Fox NFL Pregame show Terry Bradshaw talked about young quarterbacks and who they could emulate on the field such as Drew Brees.  He got to talking about Ben Roethlisberger and disagreed about his suspension being reduced from  6 to 4 games. He talked about Ben’s off the field behavior, such as going to college bars and disrespecting women. Bradshaw made it clear that he doesn’t believe that Ben has changed his ways, and pointed  that the Steelers traded Santonio Holmes for failing a drug test. The host Curt Menfee asked Terry if he would cut Ben if he owned the Steelers, to which Bradshaw told him yes.

In Holmes’ case he was late on the team plane and to meetings, plus he was not popular in the locker room. However an important thing to point out in Ben’s case is that he was not charged with what happened in Millersville, Georgia. Bradshaw was correct to criticize Ben’s behavior, but some people believe that he is unfair towards Ben. I watched and listened to Bradshaw’s take, and I’ve got to say that he was just being honest about Roethlisberger’s past behavior.

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