Nutting is Happening

Pirates owner Bob Nutting recently talked to his team in spring training and told them that he will not be happy until they win the NL Pennant. When I heard that comment I couldn’t help laughing because the team lost 105 games last season. Who is he trying to fool here because Nutting, and the previous ownership regime led by Kevin McClatchy, are the very reasons why the Pirates have 18 years of losing. Salary dumps, bad trades, terrible free agency signings, and doing things on the cheap have turned the fan base off. This ownership is incompetent and incapable of giving the fans a winning team. However, the Pirates continue to make a profit for Nutting, so it’s doubtful that things will change anytime soon. The Pirates were once a great franchise, but after 18 years of losing they are being compared to the Los Angeles Clippers. Losers.

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