He was an outstanding running back with the New York Giants and retired to become a broadcaster. He had everything to be a star: charm, intelligence, and a great personality; Tiki Barber was covering the NFL and did some work on the Today show for NBC, but got into some trouble. He left his wife Ginny for a 23 year old production assistant named Traci Johnson. Ginny was pregnant with twins at the time, and NBC fired him for violating the morality clause in his contract. He was cleaned out in the divorce, and now is coming out of retirement to play in the NFL. His former teammates said that he was a problem in the locker room, but at 35 can he be a good running back? After the CBA is finalized the Giants will release him and he will become a free agent. Does Tiki love football or does he just need the money to pay alimony and child support? When athletes retire they need something to replace the cheering crowds. Many of them never find that substitute, and will Tiki Barber realize that.

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