Blown Call

Losing 4 to 3 last night to the Atlanta Braves in 19th innings, the Pirates were victim of a blown call by home plate umpire Jerry Meals. Braves Pitcher, Scott Procter, hit a ground ball to Pedro Alvarez who threw to Michael Mckenry who tagged Julio Lugo at home plate, but Meals called him safe. This blown call has opened the door for increased use of replay, but baseball is reluctant to do so. If this game cost the Pirates a playoff spot there will be a lot of angry fans.
Officials in any sport have to get the call right, but the human element is a large part of sports. I want to see officials get the call right even if that means more use of replay in a game. In the 1979 AFC Championship Game, Houston Oilers wide receiver Mike Renfro caught a touchdown pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the referees called it a no catch. It was a blown call by the referee, and fueled the eventual use of instant replay by the NFL. Last night’s blown call could be the catalyst for more use of replay in MLB, and that would not be a bad thing.
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