Last Call

Two were shot following a San Francisco 49ers vs Oakland Raiders preseason game.   This the second fan behavior that involved a San Francisco fan since Brian Stow was beaten up by two LA Dodgers fans five months ago outside of Dodgers Stadium.  I have always had a problem with alcohol at NFL games because most of the fans drink at tailgate parties before the game.   If the NFL or other leagues want to curb fan violence they have to be more restricted with alcohol sales or ban tailgating all together.  I have suggestions to curb this behavior is to cut alcohol sales at halftime, and if any fan is caught sneak any alcohol in the stadium is banned from attending a game for life.   Now some college football stadiums are selling alcohol to stop fans from leaving their seats to go to the parking lot and drink.     I hope that the pro leagues and the NCAA sit down to discuss how to cut down on selling alcohol and in the long run curb fan violence.

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