Jeff Pearlman, who has written books about Barry Bonds and the Dallas Cowboys of the 1990’s is back again with a new book.  The title is   Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton.   It shows a different side of the Hall of Fame running back of the Chicago Bears.   It discussed an addiction to prescription drugs, contemplating suicide and as adulterer.     The excerpt is in this week’s Sports Illustrated and in stark contrast to the person that the NFL named its Man of the Year award after.     Its shows Payton using painkillers and nitrous oxide, gorging on fast food, and going through mood swings.   After his retirement in 1987,  Payton was a race car driver but it ended after a near fatal crash, and dreamed of owning an NFL team but that never happened.     He needed a challenge something to motivation himself, but he fell into depression there were time he wanted to kill himself after a fight with wife Connie, or his mistress Lita.     He was worried about dealing with them both during his induction weekend at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1993.     When he went though Bile Duct Cancer that took his life in 1999, he made it a point to talk to his family and former Bears teammates to say goodbye.   Some people don’t like this book, and his former head coach Mike Ditka would spit on Perlman for writing this book.     When people found out about Mickey Mantle off the field behavior they were in shock, but not the people who covered him in New York.   The press covering the New York Yankees protected him and not reported his infidelities.    Pearlman’s book revealed a side that no one ever knew about the man known as Sweetness.

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