Steeler Nation

After the Steelers losing to the Houston Texans 17 to 10, and I had a chance to listen to the post game shows.    Some of the callers were ripping on the defense, the running game, the offensive line, and the play calling of Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians.     The Texans are a team that could be a playoff contender this season.     Yesterday, the running game was ineffective because Rashard Mendenhall was held to 25 yards, but the offensive line didn’t open any holes for him or Isaac Redman.     The offensive line didn’t protected Ben Roethlisberger either because he was sacked five times, and injured his left ankle near the end of the game.  That injury could keep Roethlisberger out of next week’s game against the Tennessee Titans.   The Steelers wasted two timeouts and could not challenged a dispute catch by Texans tight end Owen Daniels.  If the Steelers would lost the challenge they would have no timeouts late in the game when they got the ball back.  The defense didn’t have any sacks or forced any turnovers, and Arian Foster had 155 yards rushing and touchdown.     The Texans defense played an outstanding game, and sometimes the callers don’t get it that the other team gets paid to play as well.    This week’s game against the Titans will be a tough game because of Chris Johnson has the ability to cut back against the grain.    Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck has found new life with the Titans and their passing game is a complement to Johnson’s running.    This game is a gut check to see if the Steelers can comeback from this loss or will they go on a losing streak that could ruin their season.

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