The Steelers of Old

The Steelers are 2 and 2 going into today’s game against the Tennessee Titans.     The defense had not played up to its capabilities giving up over 100 yards rushing days to Ray Rice and Arian Foster.  Keep in mind injuries to Aaron Smith and James Harrison that has affected the overall defensive performance.  They have few sacks and turnovers except Troy Polamalu fumble recovery for a touchdown against the Colts in week 3.  The offensive line has struggled due to the season ending triceps injury to Willie Colon, and Chris Kemoeatu dealing with knee problems.  Rashard Mendenhall has not been hitting the holes like last season, and is struggling with a hamstring injury.    Ben Roethlisberger has not been playing up to his standards holding on to the ball too much, plus forcing the ball into tight coverage causing interceptions.  After last week’s loss to the Houston Texans there have been questions whether the Steelers are getting old.    The 1980 Steelers come to mind because of several key members were getting old and injured plus, the team went down hill fast.  The 1980 team finished 9 and 7 missing the playoffs and started the decline of the team of the 1970’s.  Does the 2011 team still have the hatred of losing and can they turn the season around.   This game against the Titans will answer some of these questions.   Will they become of the Steelers of old or will they be the Old Steelers.

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