No Honor

The Penn State Board of Trustees this evening fired Football Coach Joe Paterno.   Paterno who won 409 games and was the head coach for 46 years.  The board also announced that President Graham Spanier was fired effective immediately.  The reason was they did not report former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky alleged sexual assaults on eight kids.   Sandusky was the heir apparent to Paterno, but retired to work at the Second Mile to work with troubled young people .    There was a previous  sexual assault in  1998, but the case did not go to trial.   Mike Mcqueary was a graduate assistant when he saw Sandusky sexual assaulted a kid in the shower in 2002.   Mcqueary told his father about what happened and then told Paterno about what happened.    Then Paterno told then Athletic Director Tim Curley about what happened.   Curley and former administor Gary Schultz were arrested for perjury and failure of reporting a sex crime.  Both men have already tendered letters of resignation.   After reading the grand jury report this is the most disgusting thing I have ever read.    It described the crimes in graphic details, and if Sandusky is guilty of these crimes he could spent life in prison.   This evening when Paterno was fired the students protested and causing damage in the main street near campus.    It is a shame that Paterno’s great career is ending because he did not report any of these crimes to the police and stop this from happening.    The house cleaning has begun for Penn State, but for the victims they have to deal with the trauma for the rest of their lives. Tom Bradley has been named interim head coach for the rest of the season.    Penn State has always talked about Success with Honor, but after these incidents there is no honor at Penn State anymore.  The cover up of these crimes are the reason that Paterno and Spanier were fired last night.    If Paterno had made a phone call to the authorities these incidents would not happened.   The Watergate scandal that forced Richard Nixon to resign from the Presidency.  That scandal has taught us that the cover up is worse than the crime.

    • Kierra Talamantes
    • January 10th, 2012

    I really liked your article post. Great.

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