Junior is Gone

When I heard about Junior Seau death yesterday it was a shock because he was in great health and spirits.     There was a YouTube video of him of singing a song on the ukulele at the University of Southern California spring game.  Junior was an All-American at USC before he was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in 1990.  Today, the San Diego County medical examiner announced that the death was a suicide.    Seau shot himself in the chest on Wednesday, and his body was discovered by his girlfriend.    He had a 20 year NFL career with the Chargers, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots.     Seau was named to the All-Pro team 6 times, and played in 12 straight Pro Bowls.    Seau after his retirement was a reality television show host and owned a restaurant in San Diego.     Seau did a lot of charity work in the San Diego area,  but there was one incident with the law.    In October 2010, he survived a 100 foot fall in his SUV just hours he was arrested in investigation of a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend.   Further autopsy results and toxicology tests will take 90 days to be finished.  People have jumped to the conclusion that concussions are the main reason this happened.   Playing in the NFL may not be the cause of Junior Seau’s death, but I hope everyone will wait for the all tests to be done before making any judgments.

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