Three’s a Crowd

The Pittsburgh Penguins have 3 talented centers in Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, and Jordan Staal.  However, with the salary cap and a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) it would be impossible to keep all three together.      With Crosby’s history of concussions it would be an idea to trade him and get younger talent especially in wing position, plus cap relief.      Sidney Crosby is the face of the franchise and the league, plus he is the best player in the world when he is 100%.   From a business sense Crosby is the reason the Penguins are one of the biggest draws in the NHL especially on the road, why the Consol Energy Center was built, and selling out every home game for the past 6 plus seasons.      Malkin is going to be the Hart Trophy winner, that goes to the NHL regular season most valuable player.     Malkin filled in nicely when Crosby was injured, and could get more talent in a trade plus draft picks.   Jordan Staal is a great two-way player in the mold of a Ron Francis, a player you can win Stanley Cups with.   How long can Staal will like being a 3rd line center or does he want to do more.    This problem might be solved before the NHL Draft this summer in Pittsburgh, or the trade deadline next March.    It will all depend on whether Staal would want to sign a long-term or not.   General Manager Ray Shero will have to make a very difficult decision about this and try to trade either defenseman Paul Martin or Zbynek Michalek.

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