There are few athletes who are willing to take a stand on a political issue.   In the past athletes like Muhammad Ali, Arthur Ashe, Bill Walton, John Carlos, Tommie Smith, Jim Brown and Billie Jean King were willing to put their careers on the line for what they believe in.     Wonman Joseph Williams, a defensive back on the University of Virginia football team went on a hunger strike for supporting The Living Wage Campaign for increasing wages for campus workers at the university.     The story made national headlines, and it emphasized Williams  willingness to sacrifice playing football for his cause.   Why are today’s athletes are not involved in causes?    One of the reasons is because they are worried of a backlash from companies, plus losing millions of dollars in endorsement deals.  Another is that they don’t want to turn off some members of their fan base.     Sometimes you have to take a risk to real make a real change in the world.   Athletes don’t want take that risk because they don’t want to lose financially.

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