What is a Sportsman there are no easy answers to that question.   That question has many answers and different meanings.    In 1992,  Sports Illustrated named Arthur Ashe as Sportsman of the Year.    He was saluted for his social work, grace under pressure being diagnosed with AIDS and his committment of giving back.       He won 3 Grand Slams Tennis tournament the 1968 U.S Open,  1970 Australian Open, and the 1975 Wimbledon.  He was captain of the United States Davis Cup team, plus was an instruction editor for Tennis Magazine, and was tennis broadcaster for HBO and ABC Sports.    Those achievements on the tennis court are miniscule to his off the court successes.        Within a year of having a heart bypass surgery that ended his career in 1979, Ashe was the National Campaign Chairman of the American Heart Association.    He raised millions of dollars for groups and some of them emphasized education.       He also wrote a 3 volume book called A Hard Road to Glory: A History of the African-American Athlete and it was about the sports history of African-Americans.    Ashe always kept a critical eye on the apartheid policies of South Africa.    Along with Harry Belafonte co-chaired Athletes and Artists against Apartheid.  He encouraged an embargo of sporting contact with the country until policies were changed in  1993.  Ashe was arrested in 1985 for protesting outside of the South African embassy in Washington D.C, plus was arrested for the treatment of Haitian refugees in 1992.    One year later he announced he was stricken with AIDS, and it happened via blood transfusion during a second heart bypass surgery a decade earlier.    He immediately founded the Arthur Ashe Foundation for the Defeat of AIDS and finished his memoir Days of Grace before he died of pneumonia on February 6, 1993.    Ashe wanted to be more than an athlete, but someone who made a difference in the world.

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