Character is big part of team’s success in professional sports. With Aaron Hernandez’s current legal problems, and a possible suspension from the NFL, that issue could hurt the New England Patriots chances to get back to the Super Bowl. The Steelers have their own issues with character as well with Alameda Ta’amu being arrested for a drunk driving and cut Chris Rainey for a domestic battery charge.

Having people of character makes the team better equipped to handle adversity during the season. In baseball it is called clubhouse chemistry. The Oakland A’s of the early 1970’s and the New York Yankees later in the decade didn’t get along but both teams won multiple World Series. Teams that have good chemistry and character understand their roles and don’t complain about that or money.

The best example of character of a team that I have ever seen was the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates. The Family as they were known as had a lot of good natured fun in the clubhouse, and overcame a 3 to 1 deficit to defeat the Baltimore Orioles to win the World Series.

Sometimes it takes character to a make a good team a champion. The worst example of lack of character was the Dallas Cowboys, and despite winning 3 Super Bowls in the 1990’s they had off the field problems. Players getting arrested and suspended for drug problems, no strong leadership, and selfishness in the locker room. It likely cost them perhaps 2 or more titles.

Character won’t guarantee a championship, but it will prevent other problems from developing.

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